Representation of Clients

I am generally willing to meet with new clients for half an hour or so without fee to discuss their options and the costs involved.  Thereafter,  I represent new clients only after a formal representation letter has been signed and an agreed-upon retainer has been paid.  The retainer is kept in my escrow account until the work has been done.

A typical representation letter is as follows:

Richard Roe, PhD.
High Tech Products, Inc.
Tech Center Drive
Providence RI 02990

    Re: Representation

Dear Dr. Roe:

    It was a pleasure speaking to you by phone yesterday.  I look forward to working with you on protecting your latest developments and to meeting you in person when it is convenient.

    As matters now stand, I am expecting a disclosure of your new invention early next week.  I will immediately do whatever is necessary to turn it into a provisional patent application; with luck, not too much work will be necessary.

    As we discussed, the best way to save time and money in preparation of such an application is for you to provide as complete a disclosure as possible.  That will limit the amount of time I will need to spend in the development of the disclosure as needed to support the claims we will ultimately want to make.  Accordingly, please include all available research and testing results to date, and all “prophetic examples”—that is, experiments you think may be fruitful, further avenues to be tried, and so forth.  As long as the application is explicit on what’s been tested and what hasn’t, there is no objection to proceeding in this way.

    Concerning the terms of representation, these are simple: I bill monthly by the quarter-hour, at $325 per hour for office work.  Courtroom work and depositions are billed at $400.  Actual expenses are billed as incurred.  I have no staff so all work will be done by me personally. I request a retainer of $2000 be paid before beginning work.  I can’t give you an estimate of the cost of the work until I see the disclosure, but I will do so then if you prefer. When the time comes for me to make disbursements on your behalf, I will also ask you to prepay those fees as once I authorize them I will be personally liable for those charges.

    If the above is acceptable, please sign and date a copy of this letter in the spaces provided below and return it to me with a check for the retainer mentioned above.

    Again, I look forward to working with you, and to hearing from you soon.

                    Very truly yours,

                    Michael de Angeli

Accepted and Agreed:

Richard Roe, PhD.


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