I have been working with Mike de Angeli since 1992 to protect my inventions in the field of hybrid vehicles. Together we have so far obtained 11 US and 10 foreign patents. The advice of a competent patent lawyer is essential in obtaining valid patents with claims that properly protect the invention and which will stand up to microscopic examination in litigation. Mike's work has so far enabled my company PAICE LLC to obtain a judgment of validity and infringement of one of my patents (5,343,970) by Toyota's hybrid vehicles. A nine-figure damage award is currently on appeal. I would recommend Mike without reservation.

Alex J. Severinsky, PhD.
Bonita Springs, FL

Note: In 2008, Alex Severinsky was inducted in the University of Maryland’s Clark School of Engineering “Innovation Hall of Fame” for his pioneering work in hybrid drivetrain systems as represented by patent 5,343,970.

Mike de Angeli represented a small Rhode Island company with which I was associated in a patent infringement lawsuit against a much larger and far better funded opponent. Mike ran a guerrilla-style campaign because that was all we could afford. After about four years he managed to bring the opponent to the table and we settled for a number in the high seven figures, netting a substantial profit on the cost of the litigation. Throughout I was impressed with Mike's ability to do high-quality legal work at a reasonable price. I was also impressed with his writing ability and his presentation of our case to the judge at oral hearings on several contested motions, all of which we won.

Thomas J. Gardner
LJT Associates
Financial and Management Consulting
Providence, RI

Mike de Angeli was recommended to us by another entrepreneur in Rhode Island. I have found that he has an excellent combination of patent execution skills and litigation experience that gives our intellectual property an extra level of protection. For one very difficult patent, Mike and I went to the PTO together on multiple occasions to discuss our case with the examiners. The patent (7,553,583) was eventually approved.

Stephen S. Eaves
Founder and V.P. Technology
Modular Energy Devices
Warwick, RI

Michael de Angeli is an excellent patent attorney. I have worked closely with Mike for over thirty years and together filed and obtained over 20 patents in fields ranging from electronics to optics to chemistry. My approach has always been to write the specification myself and then have Mike revise it and add claims.While writing one’s own patent may not be advisable, and indeed may even complicate matters, it works well for me. Mike’s typically substantial revisions to my writing are always concise, valuable and insightful. Other patent attorneys I have worked with sometimes misunderstand the essence and often arbitrarily change portions for no good reason, making the process much more difficult for me. When it comes to the all-important task of drafting claims, Mike gets it right the first time, requiring at most minor clarifications from me. I have also served as an expert witness for Mike in a patent litigation which, incidently, he won. I rely on Mike myself and I highly recommend him to others.

Rick Blades, RB Labs, Boulder, CO


 I have worked extensively with Michael de Angeli on patent, trademark and copyright matters. I find Michael's approach to litigation and advising clients as wise, thoughtful and very realistic. He always understands the "big picture" in a case, and I always seek his counsel and advice when dealing with difficult legal issues.

David Hong, Esq.
Registered Patent Attorney and CA attorney

I have worked with Mike de Angeli for nearly twenty years, on several litigation matters, and have used him as an expert witness as well. Mike has a high level of both technical expertise and legal experience. He writes well, is good on his feet in the courtroom, and is able to elicit useful information from adverse witnesses in deposition. We have worked well together in the past and I look forward to doing so again in the future.

Gene S. Winter, Esq.
St. Onge Steward Johnston & Reens
Stamford, CT

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